Basics of Video Journalism

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Basics of Video Journalism

Standards to register for the following course. There are three pre-conditions to join the courses:

  1. The participants should indicate that they are educated and have gained much experience out of media activities.
  2. They should also express their interests towards the Journalism internal and International News (should have media knowledge).
  3. Finally they should be capable of to narrate the reports by presenting the videos.

Reviewing of the short course
The following courses has been conducted for those who are willing to be a journalist, this course presents a step by step approaches which will increase the capability of the reporter to say more through videos for his/her audiences, the following course will be practical one by using movie camera, Video editing, the structure of the reports, writing script, voice over the video, and proper working process to produce a full package video with high quality of new video.

Results, outcomes of the course
If the participants make successfully through the course will be able to:

  1. To do filming, by using the exposure (Lights) focusing, wide balance, and framing.
  2. Different shots are needed for a new report to be produced for TV.
  3. Video Editing by using the Premier Pro.
  4. Structuring of a report.
  5. Writing the script.
  6. Recording the voice over the video.
  7. Sending the package with additional information in order to be published such as Log footage, shots list.


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