Investigative Journalism

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Investigative Journalism

Standards for in rolling of the following training courses:
The applicable who are willing to attend the investigative Journalism courses, they need to explain their interests through the below points:

  1. Presenting documents of working actively for media or willing to work voluntarily in journalism sections such as Radio, TV, News, Magazine, Newspaper, Movie, Theater, Music and advertisements.
  2. Write a news report about the visual media, Radio, Printed media that you believe they are good at investigative reports.
  3. Write an investigative report check what are the differences in between other investigative reports compare them with each other and you have only 300 words to do so.
  4. Use computer and Microsoft word to write your report.

Results of the course:
Participants will learn the below points after they get graduated from the courses:

  1. The following course will enable the participants to recognize the key and important points of the investigative reports, and a complete recognition of the investigative reports.
  2. It will also give them the ability to say where the sources of the investigative reports come from, for example: they will be capable to say where the sources of the investigative reports will.
  3. It will also make the participants to understand what the team work is and the role of a team work.
  4. Participant will also learn how to be a professional journalist.
  5. They will learn the principals of the investigative journalism.
  6. They also learn about the safety or correspondents and the environments of media in Afghanistan.


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