Journalistic community has witnessed another loss

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Journalistic community has witnessed another loss


Muhammad Salim Angar, cameraperson of RTA television in Qandahar was assassinated in an incident which occurred at Headquarter office in the province on Thursday 18th October 2018.

Noorullah Noori, chief of RTA TV in Qandahar while verifying the news said that Mr. Salim went to governor office for covering election related security meeting.

It is worth reminding that Thursday’s afternoon at 3 o’clock election related security meeting was held at governor office. He was assassinated by armed gun men, yet we aren’t known of its details but his assassination is confirmed.

17 journalists and media workers have been assassinated in Afghanistan since January 2018.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan persistently asks Afghan government and security organs to pay close attention toward journalists’ safety and security and as well during the election journalists’ security and protection should be put at their list of priorities.

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