Labor Day held in demonstration in Kabul

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Hundreds of labors and Kabul citizens who are jobless suffer from joblessness and unemployment in the capital city of Kabul.

During the demonstration labors have mentioned that after establishing of the National Unity Government thousands labors have lost their jobs and that increased the number unemployment persons within the society.

The demonstrators who were holding written slogans “ we want work” “Work is our right” “ NUG is responsible for joblessness” “Government should provide jobs opportunities for us”.

The demonstrators demanded the Government to remove the obstacles and provide jobs opportunities, sentence those persons willing to cut the job opportunities within the country.

Everyone including civil society activists ,Women, workers ,labors, demanding immediate practical actions from the Afghanistan political leaders to provide jobs opportunities.

Having no suitable working platforms and no jobs security are the main challenges of the labors in Afghanistan.

A number of the labors have criticized the NUG performances, they believed that in most cases the Government itself caused dozens to be out of the jobs as an example the decree of the president indicating that no one can hire since 7 months ,this has added up into the number of the jobless people.

Thousands graduated from higher education centers will be hired,but since months they are jobless.

Based on the estimation there are 10 million eligible for work in Afghanistan which 60 % are out of jobs, earlier dozens have burned their documents due to no jobs available.

Labors demonstrators have said,” both NUG leaders had promised Nation to provide jobs opportunities during their campaigns, they have not only fulfilled their promise by caused thousands jobless in the country.

They have accused both leaders as lair.

Head of the labors Union Maruf Qadiri said,” salaries for labors are so low in Afghanistan, which doesn’t afford their life, he mentioned that low salary isn’t accessible for all.”

He also said,” there are million educated and none educated young guys who are jobless and suffer from it.”

They have asked the Governmental officials to end this situation and adopt necessary programs to create jobs opportunities for the young generation in Afghanistan.

Head of the labors union has criticized the current condition of the labors in the country saying in the past years 114 labors lost their life in jobs, 56 others were kidnapped and later were killed by the insurgents.

In the following labor day Kabul mayor has nominated one road as name of the labor road.

Head of the labor Maruf Qadiri who had attended the nominee ceremony hoped to see Afghanistan labors to have access to their all rights in the future.

He addressed that Afghan labor currently suffer from unemployment, insufficient salaries, no insurance, and some other services which are not available.

The following statement has been made at the time where million Afghan labors suffering from unemployment in the country and hundreds leave the country to find a job earn their life in neighboring countries.

The following day has been marked on 1886 where US labors held demonstration on first of May in Chicago state of United States of America demanding their basic rights.

This day has not only been held in the US but also in around the globe as worker day or laborday.

Based on the estimation of the Ministry of social affairs and works 10 million are eligible for work where 800,000 are jobless, 400,0000 are permanently jobless.

Based on the estimation out of 382,000 Governmental workers 810,00 are female workers, and about 60 % of labors are busing doing jobs on green lands, beside the male and female workers, 30 % of children significantly doing hard work.

Mr. Qadiri said though Afghanistan has the memberships of labor convections but still there is no benefits for the Afghan labors, as he thinks most of the owners of the businesses behaving badly towards the labors, break the rights of the labors.

Mr Maruf demanded the President of Afghanistan to reform the law for labors in Afghanistan because the following law doesn’t bear the current economy condition in the country.

We want jobs, we want the 19 labor convection which has been signed by Afghan Government to be implemented.

Businesses owners are the opportunists trying have the labor do the work for more than 8 hours, though its written in the labor law that one worker could do 8 hours daily work, because most of the labors aren’t aware of their basic rights.

We have held different awareness programs for the labors to understand their basic rights in provincial level, and established a section to audit those who are ignoring laws.

The following remarks come after the officials in Ministry of social affairs and public works have confirmed the following challenges for labors saying there is big legal gap in between.

According the spokesperson of the Ministry of social affairs and public works Ali Iftikhari despite the auditing department has been there with no proper authority, fortunately after the reformation of the labor law the following issue was resolved ,from now onwards we as the responsible have the power to introduce to law breakers to the justice and judicial departments.

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