Latest Media Watch Report

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Latest Media Watch Report

#147 Media Watch Monthly report Headlines.
1- Beating of correspondents in Kabul city by police forces.
2- Threatening of local correspondents in Helmand and Baghlan by Taliban.
3- Increasing of violence against correspondents in Afghanistan.
4- Concerns of local media managers over increasing insecurity in Baghlan.
5- Threatening of a local correspondent in Balkh by the police commander of public police protection.
6- Concerns of the media manager Kahkashan media group in Parwan province over not pursuing the violence cases against correspondents.
7- Demand of the social media activists over amendments of the cyber code enforced by the government.
8- Concerns of correspondents sheltered in Turkey seeking safety.
9- Demand of Nai on exemption of media outlets on paying taxes.
10- Accessing information a challenge remained as an obstacle in Afghanistan.
11- Pursuing the correspondent’s cases of violence.

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