Radio Journalism

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Radio Journalism

Conditions of attending the course

  1. Accomplishing of the all basic Nai correspondents courses or.
  2. Previous experience as being correspondent or a new comer evens a volunteer worker for one of the radio stations.
  3. Sending one of the work which was done by you as the fresh acts whom you have worked for one of the printed media radio or TV stations to Nai office for further reviewing.
  4. Accessing on computer programs such Microsoft office, and able to type in Dari or Pashtu languages.

Who should learn the course?

  1. Freelancers or Correspondents
  2. The correspondents who have worked for less than 6 months to a radio stations.
  3. Fresh work in media or volunteer worker who is willing to be builds the capacity of being a professional correspondent.
  4. Sofa more in Journalism faculty or other related departments of radio or TV.

Reviewing of the course
The objective for the following course is to develop the capabilities of the fresh correspondents in making policy for publishing or Editorial, and technical issues belong to radio journalism, the training has been conducted by a professional journalism trainer which includes the practical methods introduce the following points: Editorial policy, finding sources for reports, writing news, skills for presentations, studio, recording, and editing, mobile editing, the interview Technics.

Results of the course:
After the following courses launched the participants will learn the below points:

  1. The values of the Editorial and Policy of publication.
  2. Familiarizing with studio activities, will build the capacity how to record in recorders and editing type.
  3. Will also learn how to write the news reports, how to connect the sound bites.
  4. Will make you understood that how to find the story ideas, way of finding the sources, and how to investigate basically a story.
  5. Will also build and develop the basic skills for presenting the presentation and how to conduct the interview.


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