Radio Package Production

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Radio Package Production

Standards for rolling in Training
There are two standards:

  1. Successfully graduation of Radio Journalism training for those who are working for radio stations.
  2. Having six months of experience in radio as correspondent or having six months of work in radio programs.

The entire participant should in order to join as students should have:

  1. should prepare four story ideas for producing reports to the radio as audio ones, each story idea should be introduced with 50 words, and also you should provide more information about the story ideas why they investigate or conduct interview over it.
  2. Presenting one of the good and suitable report which was produced for radio, in case they can’t have access to radio Archive within an official letter the radio station should confirmed officially they are working for them and present the letter to Nai office.

Expected Results of the training
After the training the students will learn the below points:

  1. Building skills for finding story ideas and preparing a report for radio and even finding the facts.
  2. Building skills for recording the sounds, controlling the quality during the recording.
  3. How to organize and manage the radio reports (structure of the report) in total preparing of the report with quality in middle media.
  4. Building the capacity how to edit the sounds with adobe addition or cool edit for radio.
  5. Building the necessary skills about to use properly the different mics and recording tools for sounds.

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