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  • Insulting media illegal action

    Insulting media illegal action

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    Bashir Ahmand Taiange, a member of Afghan parliament and spokesman of deputy president Mr Dostum, has posted an insulting subject in his social page, insulting all media in general and call them mercenaries. Full story
  • Challenges to uplift against media

    Challenges to uplift against media

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    The pluralized mass media, a big achievement in the level of our region in south glimmered in recent decade, is going to be lost gradually due to different challenges such as insecurity, none- access to information and high taxes to be paid for the government. Full story


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  Nai established the an independent media training center in the southern city of Kandahar earlier this year, with the goal to strengthen local media capacity to produce quality reporting from the field. With experienced video and radio trainers, industry standard equipment, practical reporting courses, and a campaign to raise awareness of media rights, the […]

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