Training program “Reporting of corruption”

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Training program “Reporting of corruption”

Introduction of the program:
Media can play effective roles by publishing of the reliable, documented reports to decrease the corruption within the society.
The following program has been prepared for Afghan correspondents for 5 days, which will enable the journalist to raise the knowledge, skills and some necessary tools to be able to produce good corruption reports.
This training program will be launched for the Afghan correspondents who are actively working for Afghanistan media.


  1. Gaining exact information about what corruption is?
  2. Explanation of all types of corruption.
  3. Explanation of responsibility of journalists and media against reporting on corruption.
  4. Understanding of the how much corruption does damage the economy of Afghanistan and its Nation.
  5. Understanding of corruption in Governmental and none Governmental departments and its relations.
  6. Identifying the Governmental and None Government departments which actively working to decrease the following phenomenon.
  7. Familiarizing the laws for corruption.
  8. Having equipment and sources for gaining information to produce report over corruption.
  9. Familiarizing the facts and information from the legal perspective before publishing of the report.
  10. Will be able to gains capability how to investigate and produce effective reports on corruption.

Results of the training program:

  1. The participants will be capable to learn the below points:
  2. Identifying of the variety of corruptions and its separation.
  3. Documentation of reports belongs to corruption.
  4. Identifying and determining who the real experts are?
  5. Using the right way of the accessible equipment, sources, information how to produce corruption reports.
  6. Having precisely information about the laws combating corruption and the departments actively working on it.
  7. Reporting based on the professional standards about corruption.
  8. Monitoring the performances of Governmental and none Governmental departments for combating the corruption based on the law against corruption.
  9. Writing effective and strong reports over corruption as professional ways.
  10. Check and reviewing of the facts and evaluation of the reports from legal perspective before the publication.
  11. At least having three strong story ideas determined and related to corruption after the end of the training.


  1. Correspondents who are actively working for media in the country.
  2. Nai institute students and some other Journalism faculty students.
  3. Those who have successfully accomplished the radio package training or video journalism at Nai office.



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