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Afghanistan correspondent society loses one the member

July 13, 2014

Mysterious murder of a radio journalist working for Radio Lahza in Mazar its once again an alert for the media and media workers in the country are.
Unknown gun men have shot dead the local radio Journalist named Khalid Agah Yaqubi on Saturday in his house. read more....

Nai feels sorry for injuries of correspondents in Kandahar attacks

July 10, 2014

The recent panic and terrorist attacks launched by Taliban in Kandahar took the life of local residents and including the local correspondents.
The two local correspondents Bashir Ahmad Nadem working for Pazhwok and Abdullah his camera man while trying to film the scene Mr Nadem was injured during the second blast occurred and his was taken to the Hospital. read more....

Nai supports media committee in IEC actions on media

July 07, 2014

Media committee in Independent Election Commission IEC has fined the 22 media houses such as Tv, Radio stations and Printed media for their un-balance and supportive programs and activities during the second round of the presidential Election in the country. read more....

Presidential Election process officially ends

June 14, 2014

Based on the IEC schedule the voting process ended at 4:00 Pm today.
According to the head of the Independent Election Commission Secretariat Zailulaq Amarkhial in case the voters still trying to vote in areas and voting centers we will extend the time for voting. read more....

Nai’s second newsletter

June 14, 2014

Different reports indicated the Presidential Election Process despite of having security challenges Afghans have attended significantly and voted for their favorite leader.
Reports from the 9:00 am up to 12:am which has been published local people have participated significantly in Ghur Province unfortunately armed clashes continued in between the Afghan security forces and Taliban in Dawlatyar district of Ghor. read more....

Second round of Presidential Election began

June 14, 2014

Head of Independent Election Commission IEC Dr, Yusuf Nuristani, has officially opened the voting process for the second round of the Presidential Election at 7:00 am today early morning.
Mr, Nuristani after casting his vote said to correspondents that Afghan people should have huge presence in electing their future President he also demanded the youths to attend the voting process. read more....

Voting process to being in few minutes

June 14, 2014

Polling stations will be open for the voters to cast their votes for their favorite Presidential candidates today on 14,June,2014 across the country.
Afghan security forces ensuring security for this historical day, Afghan Nation trying to attend this process as groups and willing to vote for their the future President in the second round of the presidential election. read more....

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