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Avoid Provoking People Against Media

October 29, 2014

A number of Kabul citizens have demonstrated opposite the 1 Tv station and began to slogan Death to 1 Tv station and officials in the favor of Police forces early noon on Wednesday.
However, Kabul state police officials have significantly refused having hands behind such demonstration against media family members. read more....

Nai Asks Media to avoid Screening Victims of Rape Cases

October 27, 2014

Visual media in Afghanistan have published a reports about raping case with victim whom have interviewed on Sunday, the case was occurred on one of the Northern provinces of Afghanistan in Kunduz Province where a Mullah raped a teenage girl,which this action is against the decree of 45 in Mass media law in the country. read more....

Unknown gun men killed on local correspondent in Balkh

September 17, 2014

Unknown armed men killed Palwasha Tokhi one of the ex- correspondents of the Radio Bayan at her house in Mazar city.
She worked for 5 years as correspondents for Radio Bayan in Northern provinces of Afghanistan and she went to do her master degree two years ago in Thailand country unknown armed men entered her house and killed her with knife after she was taken to the Hospital she passed away. read more....

One correspondent injured in blast took place in Kabul

September 16, 2014

During a terrorist attack occurred in front of the Superme Court early this morning in the capital city of Kabul one correspondent who was passing by was injured with other Kabul citizens he was taken to hospital.
Zia Daud who is working for Maiwand Tv is hospitalized in one of the Kabul city hospitals and his wait has been injured during the attack carried out. read more....

Violence against local correspondents in Ghazni should be recognized

September 04, 2014

During the terrorist attacks which was carried out on Thursday in Ghazni Province despite of the local residents injuries a number of the local correspondents were injured and some of the other journalists were beaten by the National security directorate staffs.
Based on the Nai information the National Tv station correspondent Rahim Aria with his colleague was injured. read more....

Reasons should be clear on Shamshad Tv station Fire in Mazar city

August 28, 2014

Shamshad Tv station was caught fire on the 25,August 2014 at 9:00 Am which completely destroyed the technical equipment of the station such as receiver and other necessary equipment.
Local residents have claimed that the reason for the fire was the power shortages overall investigation began for further details about the event. read more....

Nai Feels sorry for New York times Reporter being trapped

August 20, 2014

New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg for writing a topic over Afghanistan Election process was called barred by the Justice and Judicial departments of Afghanistan, he will not leave the country until his case is closed.
Mr, Rosenberg had to come Afghanistan to cover the Afghanistan Election process by reporting to New York Times, according to the Afghan Officials he has published a report indicating the newspaper reported that powerful figures in the government were discussing forming an interim government as a way to rescue the country from the impasse following the election. read more....

Nai severely condemns violence against a correspondent

August 10, 2014

Local Tv stations Khurshid and Rah-e-Fardah camera men were beaten by the Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai campaigners while filming the auditing process of the second round of the presidential Election in Independent Election Commission IEC compound, their film cassettes were also seized.
This action launched by the Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai campaigners is against the law and the perpetrators of the case should be identified by the security forces and introduced to the courts. read more....

Heavy storm paralyzes local radio station in Khost

August 02, 2014

Heavy storm hit the local radio station called Suli Paigham which severely damaged the equipment and the building of the radio station in Khost Province.
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has demanded some financial assistant over reconstruction of the building and purchasing of some of the technical equipment. read more....

Nai holds Social media week for the third time

Social Media week

July 24, 2014

Social media week was held in Nai head quarter while the enemies of the freedom of speech willing to limit the access to social media in Afghanistan.
Nai main office had celebrated the social media week three years ago and had demanded the social cultural and training section of UNESCO to register this week in to their calendar and recognize it as officially. read more....

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