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Polling Stations officially opens

Huge Presences of Women on voting day made media ink it as their headlines

April 05, 2014

Despite of concerns and spiritual war the people of Afghanistan especially Women have shown their huge presence voting for the favorite candidates saying no threats deter us from voting and stabilizing our country as an example more 2000 voters were presence before the opening of the Polling stations in the Herat Province.
From the other hand, 3 Taliban were shot dead while they were trying to stop the residents of Zabul voting by the Afghan security Forces. read more...

Polling Stations officially opens

No ballot papers has become a major crisis

April 05, 2014

The following provinces have significantly suffered from such challenges like Kabul Herat balkh Daikondi Sar-i-Pul Ghazni Wardak, Kunduz.
Despite of lack of ballot papers in Kabul the capital city and people have lined up long waiting for the ballot papers to be sent by the IEC officials and keep the process going. read more...

Polling Stations officially opens

Huge Presence of People in Polling stations encourages others

April 05, 2014

Contrary of the imagines in some Provinces, the majority of the people with much interests went to ballot boxes to vote.
Khost Province is one of the pattern among other Provinces despite of the insecurity threats Men and Women voted for their future. read more...

Polling Stations officially opens

April 05, 2014

The Presidential- Provincial Elections has just been officially opened by the head of Independent Election Commission IEC Dr, Nurstani at Habibia High school todayat 7:00 am on the 5th, April, 2014.
In the same time the other polling stations in Mahmood Hotaki High school in Kuta Sangi after 40 minutes delay today, the Afghan security forces despite of ensuring the security have began to help people inline and control the situation and people are satisfied with their behavior. read more...

Social media users introduction to court, against the media law in Herat Province

March 05, 2014

The open media support office in Afghanistan (NAI) has entitled the introducing of social media users to the court against the media law without preliminary investigation by the mass media committee in Herat Province.
In recent time some of the social media users on Facebook by using other names have been introduced to the court for insulting some of the Presidential and Provincial candidates and their cases has been sent to the high court of Herat Province. read more...

Compliance with United Nations resolutions regarding the safety of journalists should be placed on the agenda of the Government

February 13, 2014

NAI Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan entitles the United Nations resolutions a positive step for ensuring safety of the Journalists within the country.
The members of the General Assembly of the United Nation during a resolution have re-acted against the violence towards the correspondent’s safety on 26th of Nov/2013. In the resolution the members Government have been obliged to adopt necessary measurements for the security and safety of the Journalists and on side of the resolution the 2th of November was nominated as the day for (Fighting impunity in crimes against journalists). read more...

The Monitoring responsibilities from the Media only go to high media council and Mass media committee

December 19 2013

The National Directorate Security department during a press release on 18,12,2013 has demanded all the visual media to provide information about their work permission, sources of supports, date of inauguration up to now and even the information about the employee recognition.
The Nai supports for open media in Afghanistan office though insists on transparency on media source of supports still wish this being launched through the right channels, based on the mass media principle media are obliged to provide annual financial reports only to High media Council and Finance Ministry and they are the one audit the Financial reports for more transparency of the source of supports. read more...

latest news and information about Nai and other media

Emerging problems within Afghan media society is due to lack of establishment of mass media commission by the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC)

December 17 2013

Nia office, which supports open media in Afghanistan, asks all media outlets, journalists and experts who appear on media to observe the principles of citizen rights, rules and media ethics. Media outlets should not allow any disarray in public opinion, as well as it does not have to allow the judicial entities to gallop on media outlets. read more...

Law on right of access to information has to be approved before election

September 18 2013

Around two hundred journalists and media activists launched a peaceful gathering coordinated by Nai, Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan. They gathered in front of Afghanistan’s National Assembly and asked the representatives in the parliament to recall the government to send the access to information law for approval to the parliament. read more...

A group of Journalists: We want the access to information law approved

September 16 2013

A number of journalists get together and asked the access to information law approval and signature.
These journalists whose number reached to hundred were of different media outlets gathered at Nai office. They scrutinized the problems they face due to the lack of access to information law. read more...

Kapisa’s primary court order issued against the accused persons for the murder of Muhsin Hashimi is not fair

September 16 2013

Muhsin Hashimi, a reporter of Saday Nejrab radio station was murdered a while ago. Few members of his family accused for his murder and were arrested.
After investigations done, the assigned prosecutor asked punishment for the accused persons and he identified the accused persons as the subjects of this murder case. But lately, the primary court in Kapisa province has identified the accused persons innocent and ordered for their quietus. read more...

latest news and information about Nai and other media

Don’t allow print media stops its operation!

September 1 2013

After four year broadcasts, Khedmatgar Daily Paper published its final issue on August 31st 2013. The paper’s officials called the reason, for an end to the paper’s publishing, lack of financial resources and budget. read more...

Local Official in Baghlan province shall respond about the arrest of the Director of Tanweer TV station!

August 1 2013

Sher Mohammad Jahish, the director of Tanweer TV station in central Baghlan province has been in police custody of this province for the past two days.
A week before the arrest of the director of Tanweer TV station, two journalists of the same TV stations, a reporter and a cameraman, claimed that they have been beaten by a group of men connected to ex-mayor of Pul-e-Khumry. read more...

Media Organizations cannot fire any of its staff for the reason they use Facebook

August 1 2013

A reporter of (one – 1) TV station has been fired from his job for he had liked an article on Facebook.
Rohullah Arman has lost his job in ONE TV station because he liked an article which was written about a ban on Mr. Andy’s exit from Afghanistan and his arrest by Kabul Airport police. Andy is a senior staff at ONE TV station. Mr. Rohullah Armaan had only hit the “Like” button of the article written about Andy. read more...

First Victim of Social Media during the Social Media Week

July 28 2013

After posting apparently a critical comment on Facebook social page about a book whose author said to be Abdul Basir Salangi, governor of Parwan province, Nasratullah Iqbal, has been beaten intensely by Mr. Salangi. read more...

About reporting on sexual and gender based violence; the words and terms which provokes further violence, must not be used

July 25 2013

To reduce sexual and gender based violence once again, Nai Supporting open media in Afghanistan asks all local and international media outlets to avoid using of those words and terms which provoke further violence against women in the country. read more...

Social Media is a need, not an entertainment

July 23 2013

Social Media week has been celebrated at Nai office under the title of “Social Media is a Need, not an Entertainment”.
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Flicker, Youtube, etc…) during the past several years could shine better and broadly than any other media outlets in the circulation of information. read more...

Judicial and Justice Institutions as well as security institutions overstep of their limits

July 09 2013

When a cameraman of “1” TV station was producing a report about sidewalk retailers (hand sellers, people who sell things on the sidewalks of the streets/roads) in Jadeh-e-Maiwand area of Kabul city, a traffic police have beaten him. This incidened took place, yesterday, July 8, 2013. read more...

Nai Supporting Open in Afghanistan boycotts the election of two journalists in Media High Council which was organized by the Ministry of Information and Culture

July 01 2013

According to mass media law, High Council of Media has to be structured composing of 13 members from government and non-government institutions, as a policy making institution in media field and for promoting freedom of expression. Therefore, while organizing election, competency has to be seriously taken into account. read more...

Taliban’s political office in Qatar will confine Media activities in Afghanistan

June 19 2013

Talbian’s political office officially opened in Qatar yesterday with the aim to facilitate peace talks. Mohammad Naim Taliban’s spokesperson has frankly told in their first press conference that they do not officially recognize Afghan constitution; because this constitution has been drafted by west and forcedly enforced on Afghan people. read more...

NIA supporting media in Afghanistan condemns the murder of a media staff in Kapisa province with strong words

May 21 2013

Dead body of Mohammad Muhsin Hashimi, who worked for Saday-e- Nejraab radio stations in Kapisa province has been found near his home village of Kharij Dara in Nejraab district.
Family of Muhsin Hashimi informed Nejraab’s security organs about his abduction case on 1st May 2013. But his dead body found 200 meters away of his home after 19 days. read more...

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