Percentage of violence against Afghan correspondents in the years of 2013 and 2014:

125 cases of violence against the Afghan correspondents has been registered on 2014,however there has been 76 cases of violence had been registered in the year 2013 by Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan, this shows the 64% of increasing of violence against Afghan correspondents in the country.

Percentage of increasing of violence against correspondents in Afghanistan comparing to Last year are as follows:

1 – Murder 8 cases (166 %)

2 – Injuries 9 cases (28 %)

3 – Detainees 20 cases (233%)

4 – Beatings 38 cases (11%)

5- Insults, and threatening 50 cases (92 %).

8 Afghan correspondents have been killed across Afghanistan in the year of 2014 in different armed attacks carried out by insurgents.

Noor Ahmad Noori who has been working  as journalist for radio Bust in Helmand province and as well as cooperating New York Times Newspaper has been killed and his parts of body was been found inside dirt bag from Shourman area lashkarga the center of Helmand province by police forces.

Doctors during the examinations have found out that the following correspondents had been tortured before they get killed.

Ahmad Shah Naimi 20 year old correspondent to Radio Nawa and Sabah Tv was killed during a suicide attack took place in Kart –i- Naw area of  Kabul city 1392 while traveling to his office.

The other International correspondent Nelz Hornar aged 51  working for English press and sewden newspapers has been shot death in Wazir Akbarkhan area of Kabul city on 11,March,2014 by unknown gun men.

Sardar Mohammad who has been working for French Press News agency has been shot death along his wife and the two kids in one of the secure Hotel named Kabul Serina, a terrorist group have entered the hotel and opened fire towards any one existed inside the hotel which killed 9 civilians 1392.

Miss Anya Nideringass who had been working associated press in the second international correspondents who have lost her life in Afghanistan, she was killed by an Afghan police officer in Khost Province on 4  April 2014 she was there to prepare a report on Election sensitive materials, Police officer has been arrested and was sent to Kabul for further investigation.

Khalid Agah Yaqobi working for local radio called Lahza in Mazar sharif he was killed by unknown gun men in his house in 2014 in Mazar-e-Sharif city Balkh Province.

Female correspondent  Palwasha Tookhi working  for radio Bayan was stabbed by knife in her house the same year of 2014 in Mazar city Balkh Province.

She has been working for radio bayan for 5 years and she did here Master degree in Thialand .

Zubari Hatami camera man working for metra Tv station has been severely injured in suicide attack carried out inside the Istiqlal High school Hall when there was theater about the explosions and suicide attacks, and after 10 days in coma situation in one of the Kabul Hospitals has lost his life on 2014.

A number of the media family members and people have attended in his ceremony.

Beating insulting the correspondents has been regularly continued in the year of 2014 where 125 cases has been registered the perpetrators of the cases has been either Taliban, related to Taliban, Governmental officials, security forces, common persons, and private sectors even some of the officials in private Hospitals has violated.

Afghan correspondents for gathering information and performing their duties in the year of 2014 have faced serious challenges because this year Afghan Government has held twice the Presidential Election, some of the correspondents have been beaten some were insulted some were threatened to death ,by pro presidential candidates and provincial council candidates, in some cases the security forces have beaten the correspondents and didn’t let them film to pictures the Elections process in polling stations across the country.

That means is that media didn’t impact on reformation section within the aspects of life in the country,but releasing of the investigative and criticized reports on corruptions has caused huge headaches to media family members,specially registration of the complains within the superme courts by the gun powers have caused major challenges for journalists.

In the middle of the story the media committee reviewing the complains received from media has been working for the Governmental figures not for journalists to resolve their issues.

Codifying and approving of the law for accessing information has been one of the achievements of the Afghan correspondents societies in 2014, it took several years to be approved by the President of Afghanistan.

The following law could resolve huge parts of the problems for media family members , and one of the main factors that correspondents used to face was having no law to claim.

Though year of 2014 has been full of challenges for correspondents still there is hope by having such law it could make easy the life of correspondents.

The other issue that correspondents experienced during 2014 was their contracts with the private Tv and radio stations saying the employers talking Bossy and behave that we are as part of their properties, our destination depends on their quick decision any time they could hire and fire us, Ministry of information and cultures has done nothing to remove this issues from the head of correspondents yet because there is no law existed to resolve the issue from the base of it, correspondents in Afghanistan only could earn their salaries no other privileges.

Exerting of forces by the owners of the media has impacted the standard media activities,also using media as tools of power to gain the political objectives or to promote ethical and languages issues significantly continued which has caused severe problems within the societies.

Interfering of the Governmental departments within the media affairs has also caused serious concerns which the ministry of information and cultures un-luckly could nothing to resolve the issues.

In the year of 2014  4 Tv stations, 7 Newspapers, 2 monthly magazines, 1 Gah Nama, 2 publications, 5 Magazines have begun their activities in Afghanistan. In total there 100 Tv stations,including the Governmental Tv stations, in center and provinces, 175 private radio stations across the country ,along 25 Governmental radio stations. 250 printing press with 12 news agencies. This indicates that media significantly improved in Afghanistan on 2014.

Despites of such tremendous activities still some of the radios and tv stations have stayed silent due to some reasons either financial supports, insecurity , no trade advertisements, most of the printed press couldn’t get self -sufficient due to reasons therefore Government should pave the right ways for them to get their business going.

Nai Suggestions:

We demand the president of CEO of Afghanistan to stick to the commitments they have made for media family members for further supports in all aspects such as freedom of speech which has been mentioned within the law.

The silent cases of correspondents from past 13 years should be reviewed once again legally  and perpetrators of the cases must be sentenced.

We want the National unity Government to ensure justice, strengthening of law, and resolve the insider challenges of the correspondents by approving of laws.

Security departments should also do commitments for safety of correspondents across the country,they should stop violence against correspondents forced by the people and other Governmental departments.

Afghan Government is responsible to provide the right path and supports for those investigative reports trying to make reports on corruptions, and they should take the investigative reports seriously and act based on it,incase of the identification of the perpetrators they should introduced to the courts.

We also demand the owners of the media to organize the contracts of the correspondents based on the existed laws and let them enjoy other privileges, and avoid any interfering to other media affairs because correspondents do need independency during their activities.

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