Based on the Reporters without Borders “RSF” report and the statistics recorded at Nai Media Watch department, journalists and media staff assassination has significantly been reduced in Afghanistan. Nai’s Statistics reveal that 10 journalists and media staff had been killed in 2019 while 20 journalists and media staff were killed in 2018.

Nai believes that banning on terroristic attacks’ live coverage, lack of access to war zones to report and gaining more experience on how to report conflicts are the main reasons behind the decrement of casualties in Afghanistan.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director said: “Fortunately, we are witnessing a decrement in the number of journalists and media staff’s casualties but we are still concerned about the number of killed ones as it approaches to 10 cases in 2019.”

Nai asks the government to punish perpetrators of the violence against journalists in specific the perpetrators of journalists’ assassination, some of them who have already been arrested.