The car bomb explosion in the district nine of Kabul was wounding five governmental print media correspondents.

Zia Bomya, the head of Governmental Print Houses of Afghanistan said to Nai Media Watch through an interview; as result of the explosion that occurred in the morning the editor-in-chief of Anis Daily Magazine and four other staff of us were wounded up sketchy.

Moreover, Saeed Asghar Ishraq, Editor in Chief of Rah-e-Madaneyat Daily Magazine said; Aman Sadaqat, cameraperson of the newspaper has also been wounded in the same incident and he is under treatment up to now.

It’s worth saying that the Interior Ministry said that on Thursday, 5th September 2019 at around 10:10 am, a vehicle exploded in District nine of Kabul city which killed and wounded tens.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the incident and said that they actually had targeted foreign troops.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan by deteriorating of security situation worries about the safety and security of journalists and media outlets in Afghanistan. Nai asks the government to take efficient and required measures for the security of media facilities