According to the survey conducted by Nai across the country, the number of media employees infected by coronavirus is much higher than what it was reported previously.

Nai through a survey across the country has found the statistic which is really a matter of concern or even dangerous.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director said at the press conference held on Tuesday, 30th June 2020 at Nai Kabul; “based on our survey, 953 media workers have been infected by Corona virus, some were recovered and some are struggling yet but six of them died due to this disease.”

The number of female journalists who were infected by this disease is less than male staff based on Nai’s findings, and also online news agencies had the lowest number of infected ones among the media outlets.

The COVID-19 patients in Kabul and neighboring provinces are 568 persons. In the southern zone and Kandahar 171 persons, in Herat province and its neighboring provinces 120 people have been affected, in Balkh province and in the Northern provinces it is 89 people. In the eastern zone, Nangarhar province 6 people were infected by this virus.

Mr. Khalvatgar asked the media managers to pay close attention to their employees’ health and safety. He continued: “no any report worth a journalist’s life.”

It is worth mentioning that at the end of the conference the present media outlets were distributed guidelines related to COVID-19 news coverage, 40 pairs of safety clothes, and face masks in order to prevent them from being harmed.