The ministry of interior affairs has announced recently the prohibition of drone camera for journalists and videographers due to security concern.

Nai supporting open media, comprehending the urgent importance of this instrument as a crucial tool in making documentaries and reports ask from authorities to review their decisions and annul their decree. In present condition, the drone camera is a needful instrument as an integral part of videography, widely used in all press and media aspects including making advertisements for markets and newspapers as well. On other hand, the footages which are recorded through lens of drone camera shows the high quality of professionalism and covering a wide area from top angle in mass gathering events. Sure, putting bans on drone camera clearly opposes the article of fifty in Afghan constitution that indicating about access to information allowed for all. We suggest that the security enforcements can determine some specific domain for announcing no use of drone camera like military locations, in case of anticipating any risk through abusing the instrument.