A number of journalists get together and asked the access to information law approval and signature.
These journalists whose number reached to hundred were of different media outlets gathered at Nai office. They scrutinized the problems they face due to the lack of access to information law. 
Beating, thumping, insulting and arresting the journalists were among the key issues participants talked on, and it was told that lack of “access to information law” has caused the journalists to face different challenges and problems regularly created by government authorities and security forces.Wazhma Babakar Khil works at Lemar TV station who was also one of the participants in this gathering told:
“Signature of “access to information law” is one of the basic rights of us (journalists) and it has to be given to us. We have to defend our rights and not to let the journalists experience violences any longer. Journalists require to be appraised because they convey information in very challenging situations. Every day, they experience violence”.
Eimal Kamal who reports for 3TV station told: “Information feeds the media and without the access to information law, Media and Journalists will not have full access to this right thus conveying information will not be a thorough practice. If the “access to information law” is not approved and signed, we will not indeed well perform our duties.”At the end, they decided that this group together with other journalists and the reporters run a peaceful gathering on Wednesday, September 18, in front of parliament door. They will ask the representatives and MPs to push the government to send the drafted law on access to information for the approval of parliament.
Note to mention that “access to information law” has been confusingly circulating in the government offices for the past two years and according to the information of Nai office, this law is now reached to the council of cabinet and some ministers prevent its approval in the council.