Muhammad Asif Hakimi one of the local camerapersons in Rustaq district of Takhar province was martyred as a result of the bomb blast during an election campaign on 13th October 2018. He was busy in filming and photography in the last 15 years and was present in every political and cultural programs, his martyrdom is a big loss to Takhar’s residents.

At the meantime, on Saturday 13th October 2018, a cameraperson of Turkish Ikhlas News Agency was beaten up by unknown armed men in district 18th Dasht-e-Barchi, Kabul.

As the election has gotten closer in Kabul and by the rise of the process, Taliban’s threats towards any action of this process have increased; security of reporters, camerapersons, videographers and overall including all those who work in media, are seemed to be in danger.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan considers the 2 above mentioned incidents big losses and asks Afghan government to assure journalistic community of Afghanistan that pay close attention towards citizen’s security but in specific journalists and media workers during election.