Ariana Radio and Television Network’s employee, Suleiman Yusufi died as result of Corona virus infection. Mr. Yusufi had worked with Ariana TV and Ariana News for a decade. He was in self-isolation for the past ten days but on Friday, 29th May 2020 due to his critical situation he was shifted to Afghan-Japan Hospital that is specified for COVID-19 and he died there. He is the first media worker in Afghanistan, who has died as result of COVID-19 disease.

COVID-19 that is caused by Corona virus, has taken lives of many people in Afghanistan in the past two months. Tens of media workers have been infected by this virus. About fifty persons in a media outlet in Kabul have been infected by COVID-19.

The social essence of journalism makes it impossible to continue the journalism works from home, due to this the media officials and media staff are required and responsible to observe the health/hygiene instructions during their work time in order to be safe from this disease.