The Afghan government has earmarked a certain amount of funding for each province, due to COVID-19 disease outbreak. So far, special funding has been allocated to Herat, Kandahar and Kabul provinces. This budget is allocated for different working fields depending on the vulnerability of those sectors.

By focusing on the financial situation of Afghan Media Community which has been worst in the recent years, more than two hundred media outlets across the country have stopped working, and now the spread of Corona-virus has accelerated the process of financial slump to media community and it has caused a major damage.  The Afghan Government has set specific budget to tackle COIVD-19 disease for each province, Nai wants that some amount of this budget be allocated to media outlets based on the chances of their vulnerability.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan urges the governments that along with provision of announcements related to combatting and preventing the COVID-19 disease, allocate some of its special budget to media outlets in this crucial situation. This could prevent further damage to Afghan Media Community body so that the Article 34th of Afghanistan’s Constitutional Law that guarantees freedom of expression is implemented.

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