Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan works locally to empower independent media and promote freedom of expression. Nai is an Afghan non-governmental organization established in 2005 with the support of Internews Network. The original mission of Nai remains to build and promote a strong independent media sector in Afghanistan through our work in the areas of training, advocacy and production.

Nai is a full member of Internews International, a network of 40 Internews organisations across the world. Nai is currently run by USAID funds through Internews Network, and receives small grants for projects from other donors.

Nai’s head office and training centre is in Kabul, with traning centers at Nai branches in each of Afghanistan’s major provincial cities of JalalabadKandaharMazar-e-Sharif and Herat.

Nai offers practical training to journalists and those seeking to get a start in the media industry in Afghanistan. We have recently gained registration of the Nai Media Institute with the Government of Afghanistan and will soon expand our range of training courses. See our training section for more detail about the NMI or if you are interested in enrolling in one of our courses.

Nai fulfills its advocacy mission through a range of activities. Nai lobbies government to reform laws affecting the rights of journalist; builds networks with provincial journalists and media workers; holds media sector forums and campaigns for public awareness of the role of the media in Afghanistan.

The Nai Media Watch Unit will launch advocacy cases for correspondents, journalists and other media family members who are being violated, they could easily contact the responsible to seek suitable advices and guidelines.

And also the following unit will register those correspondents being violated based on the records it will produce written special reports, and will publish it every end of the year.

The Nai media watch Unit will conduct its advocacy programs through publishing the special reports, press releases,news sessions,press conferences, and face to face visits with the Governmental responsible.

The following unit has also launched a Map which indicates the level of violence against Afghan correspondents which make the members of the unit to investigate deeply.

It will push its efforts endlessly to adjust the law specially the mass media watch law,we can also address the significant roles of Nai and other Ngo for convincing Governmental officials to approve the law accessing information.

Advocacy is under the process for approving of policies for establishing of private media activities,by approving of the following policies it will decrease huge problems of the correspondents in private media outlets.

Preventing the Governmental departments and officials to implement different decrees,orders, and policies which has been against the existed laws and regulations for media has been one of the biggest work of the Nai media watch unit.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan celebrates the International Freedom Day which is on 3th of May annually and appreciate the best media workers by presenting Nai statues, all media family members such as correspondents, cameramen, photographers, producers, presenters, and others participate in the ceremony .

The other Nai biggest achievement is that the nomination of a road under the title of Freedom road located in Kabul the capital city of Kabul, and also efforts are underway to institutionalize freedom of speech in the country and also trying to nominate one day as the social media day added in the Afghanistan calendar.

The Nai media watch also provide legal advices for correspondents and will provide free lawyer to remove their problems.

Nai supporting open media has printed several books in title of Afghanistan correspondents , media guide book, analyzing of the mass media law, criticizing media policies book.

List of the experts containing information: Name of the experts, Specialty of the Expert, Residence location,

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Contact Number and Email address of the experts are registered within the list, You will find out different issues

divided by the experts within the list.

Media and correspondents can be benefited from the provided list of the experts it will impact significantly on the

media and correspondents activities.

If any of the correspondents being violated try to contact the following numbers:

Nasir Ahmad Noori

Head of media watch / /+93700599455
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