Dozens of Afghan correspondents who migrated to Turkey held demonstration against poor attention of the UNHCR and demanded the International Organizations to review their cases.

The following Afghan correspondents have held demonstration against the UNHCR commissioner located in Ankara, stated that they will continue to our demonstration unless we meet our demands.

They said our cases has been reviewed since two years, one of our demands from the UNHCR is to review our migration cases.

The following Afghan correspondents who used to be working for Afghanistan’s media have left the country due to insecurity and dumb future.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan demands the UNHCR commissioners to review the Afghan correspondent’s migration cases and provide good life so that they can continue to their careers as correspondents.

About 500 Afghan correspondents and media staffs due to insecurity and no clear future and increasing of threats have left the country for abroad which includes dozens of stranded Afghan correspondents in Turkey.