Reports indicate that Taliban’s Radio have broadcast under the name of “Voice of Shariah” in Ghazni, Zabul and Qandahar provinces.

Based on the reports Taliban’s radio broadcasts include Taliban campaign, propaganda and programs to pursue people to go in this group.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan strongly asks Ministry of Telecommunication not to allow Taliban Radio to be active by using technical solutions.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Managing Director of Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, in a statement said “Usage of radio frequencies that are open for Radio Afghanistan’s broadcasts will limit the scope for Taliban’s radio broadcast. Only a transmitter and its fix up to open frequencies can solve this problem.”

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan believes if government does not take any action to stop Taliban’s Radio broadcast, Taliban’s supporter increases in the future and causes more opposition and terrorist acts against the government and Afghan people.