On February 6, 2012, Perwiz Safi, Press TV cameraman, was attacked with acid by three anonymous persons in Dehsabs district of Kabul city while he was on his way to the office. The acid was thrown on his face which has injured the right side of his face and damaged his right eye.
This kind of violence against journalists is in the context of increased incidents against free media in Afghanistan, and journalists do not feel safe.
Sadly, acid attacks on journalists is not new. Razaq Mamoon, writer and journalist, was confronted with similar violence last year. Media Watch strongly condemns this incident and any violations against journalism and calls on the Afghan government to reinforce upholding the law of Afghanistan. Media law states that it is the responsibility of Afghan security forces to provide safety for the media and journalists. Media Watch of Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan ask the Afghan government to commence an investigation into this case and must put on trail those who have committed this acid attack. Although Mr. Safi is receiving medical treatment, he says he does not feeling safe and fears for the safety of his family. Media Watch of Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan thinks that if the Afghan government keeps silent, as it has with previous incidents, it will lead to ongoing and increased violations against the media, and the government will be forced to answer many more difficult questions.