Sabir Mohmand, spokesperson of Information and Culture Ministry in interview with Nai’s Media Watch said: “Ministries are supposed to be shifted in to specific area in Dar_ul_Aman “south west of Kabul city” but there isn’t any safe and sufficient environment to transfer the archive, so that president had ordered to transfer Afghan film archive into presidential office in order to remain keep safe and secured.”

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan believes that the transfer of Afghan film archive in current situation can cause negative speculations about the government’s cultural goals. Afghan government has to control such speculations from the beginning.

Differently some of filmmakers in the country believe that maintenance of cinema archive requires facilities and special care which was apparently at the current location of the archive and it can’t be provided to presidential office in light of mentioned dateline.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Managing Director of Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan says: “Afghan government is responsible for protecting the public assets of Afghan people, we have seen that even Taliban who were disobedience to human law and democratic principles but didn’t rob the archive and cultural assets and the Afghan film archive remained safe and secured at its current place at the time of black regime of Taliban.

It should be said that cinematographers have considered their concerns with Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan in regard of presidential order to the extent that some of them considered it against ruling laws.

Thus, Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan proposes that the archive should remain at its current location. But there should be facilities for keeping and maintenance of archives at the Ministry of Information and Culture’s new location.