Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has remarked the day called rights of understanding for all Afghan citizens during a press conference in its main headquarter in Kabul city.

The following day was picked as the day of raising information by some of the advocacy institution in Hungary, and its main object was that all citizens should have access to information being provided by the Government.

Though there has been some achievement made on giving rights for the citizens,which are the Afghanistan constitution approved on 2003,codifying of the law accessing information on 2014 but still the above mention achievement was few,the Afghans still have problems specially the correspondents while accessing information.

There are different problems where correspondents are tackling with such as not accessing sufficient information, self-censorships.

Culture of hiding information is still common among the Governmental departments,having access to information is an issue where Governmental workers arenot familiarized with.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has welcomed the committee monitoring on accessing information and called it good step towards ensuring rights of understanding for all Afghan citizens.

Nai office is demanding the following committee to adopt necessary measurements on execution of law accessing information in the country.