Website related to Taliban group threatened media and media entities through a statement on 12th, June 2018.

After bombing the so called “Voice of Shariah” Radio that belonged to Taliban in Ghazni province by foreign forces, Taliban group threatened media and media entities through statement on their website and warned them if this action is repeated they would target media and media entities.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks Afghan government to make it clear for media community that what preventive actions have been taken to thwart the Taliban’s possible attack over media and media entities after this threat?

Nai Supporting Open Media Afghanistan repeatedly asked Afghan government to have preventive measures for protecting and providing media security and safety.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Managing Director of Nai said: “ Attack over media is counted as war crime, Taliban group showed that they aren’t obedient to any principle and human rights law through their past attacks over media and journalists so that Afghan government is responsible to take preventive actions for protecting journalists, media, and media entities.”

After releasing reports about so called Voice of Shariah Radio’s broadcast in Ghazni, Zabul and Qandahar provinces, Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan by issuing an official statement asked Afghan government to prevent its broadcast. Formerly Nai said regarding the technical view that free frequencies should be occupied by other radio’s broadcast so that Taliban could not use the existing frequencies which are of Afghan people. Based on reports Voice of Shariah radio’s broadcast was including Taliban campaign, propaganda and programs to pursue people to go in this group.