Taliban’s warning based on targeting media and journalists has been a matter of concern for Afghan media community. At such critical situation, Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks Afghan National Unity Government to once again proclaim its official commitment to the impartial support of media and journalists.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director says: “Media’s broadcast and publication are based on Afghanistan’s laws and in accordance to the article 2nd of Afghanistan’s Constitution laws in Afghanistan should be based on Islam Religion. Thus, Taliban who claims on being Muslim, why they threaten media and Afghan journalists?  Now as media and journalists are seriously in danger, hence, the government should provide renewed formal commitment and take serious measures for the sake of media protection and support.”

On Monday, 24th, June 2019, by issuing a statement, Taliban had stated if Afghan media outlets do not avoid disseminating commercial advertisements against them, within a week after the publication of the statement, media and journalists will be targeted by this group. The Taliban’s statement indicates that a number of media outlets in Afghanistan have abused and defamed Jihad, Mujahidin and Taliban through some commercial advertisements.