The Afghan government is obliged to ensure people about saving the achievements of recent decade and the values reflected in our constitution.
We all want peace, since the media of Afghanistan in peace condition will enjoy progress more and more but the peace deals should guarantee all achievements which our people have received them hardly.  The Afghan constitution which supports the freedom of expression should not be broken because of making peace deals with opponent groups. The Afghan government should make people confident about saving their rights and values. We believe that the freedom is a strong tree that never ever shaken through any kind of winds. As members of media family, we shouldn’t forget our responsibility and never should afraid of any menaces and warning issued by enemies of our rights and freedom. Our information savings must not be remained unreflect whether they are about crimes of someone or services.  Insulting the media and press is entirely illogical and also anti- Islamic practice. The media should never fear of those who speak against the constitution and values that surely can not prevail on them in order to change them as they want. The unity government of Afghanistan and their leaders both the president and chief executive have direct responsibility towards these values to protect them, irrespective of differences between their visions.