Khurshid TV officials by verifying this news say; their staff transportation was targeted in Kolola Pushta and Gul-e-Surkh squares. The incident took place as result of an embedded bomb explosion, it was resulting two martyrs and six wounded up.

Mir Wahid Shah Amiri, journalist and Shafiqullah, technician were martyred, and a journalist, a presenter, a driver, and three technicians were wounded up as result of the incident.

Khurshid TV’s staff transportation is attacked while Afghanistan is at a very sensitive level of peace process. However, the enemies of Afghan people and those who oppose human values commit such crimes.

Khurshid TV is one of the media outlets that pursues an specific line of thoughts and this is the second time that their employees have been targeted like this.

Nai says that the attack over media workers is an inhumane deed and war crime. Nai considers themselves a part of this grief with the media community and calls on the Afghan government to ensure the safety of journalists in the current situation. Moreover, the government must pursue this incident, identify perpetrator/s and bring them to judicial procedures.