In present condition while Afghanistan is crossing through a narrow passage, the mass media have very important role, 


since even can pour more fuel in the blazes of current problems. If the media directors don’t manage their panel discussions and round tables wisely, sure the different views of analysts will lead to deteriorating of tribalism, racial, ethnical and religious conflicts that its repairing will be impossible in future. The access to information law in its fifteen article under the title of prohibits, clearly says that any kind of program which put the territorial integrity of Afghanistan, sovereignty, public benefits and security into danger, is not allowed to be released.  Also, in national constitution an article numbered fifty, the respect for rights of others and national security both have been stipulated. But, unfortunately still some remarkable offences on some channels are clearly seen that overshadow the public security and rights of others. Moreover, the ethical codes of journalists which are signed by more than four hundred journalists in the country, is another valid document. This document about impartiality and independence of mass media points out: The journalists should perform their activities regardless of their political, racial, sex and political interests, but try to focus on access to information to be happened for all people. Considering all factual notes mentioned above, Nai supporting open media as a pioneer organization supporting open media, call on all colleagues in the country to standardize their activities according to the effective laws of Afghanistan