69 cases of violence against reporters have been recorded in Media Watch Annual Report. In 2012, 2 reporters are killed, 9 are injured, 3 are temporarily detained, 19 are beaten, 11 are insulted and 25 of them are threatened.
45 of the above mentioned valences have been perpetrated by government officials, 4 perpetrated by Taliban, 1by International Forces in Afghanistan and 19 other cases are perpetrated by unknown people.
Also, during 2012 the reporters have been confronted with other problems such as; security, financial, lack of access to information and inter-organizational problems. Whereas, in 2011 80 cases of violence against reporters were recorded with Media Watch. 2012 demonstrates 14 percent decrease in violence cases numbers than 2011. The reason behind this declination is as follows:
1. Self-censorship;
2. Lack of violence cases record; requested by the reporters themselves;
3. Reporters disappointment regarding violence cases which are not investigated by judiciary;
Media Watch once again asks the Afghanistan government and International Organization supporting reporter and media rights to pay serious attention to the safety and security of the reporters’ life and duty in order to enable reporters continue their duty in a peaceful environment.
Note: Media Watch Annual Report will be followed by this release.
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