The Afghanistan Capacity for Media and Elections (ACME) program, funded by AusAID, and implemented by Internews Network, is a 2.5 year program aimed at supporting free and fair elections in Afghanistan through local Afghan media. A range of Afghan media partners will be mentored to implement education and training programs for national and provincial media. Nai, Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, is the lead ACME media training and development agency.
Also ACME brings together, media leaders from many towns and villages from across the country to discuss the different roles of the media and the IEC in ensuring transparent elections.

The followings are Nai’s activities in ACME
• Training of 250 journalists across the country for almost two years off and on with a period of mentoring
• Publication of related necessities documents such us DOs and DONTs cards, editorial guide and so on
• Training of 10-15 political reporters for a long period of training and mentoring
• Coordination among sectors in election process
• Facilitate the sector with the process of accreditation and so on