Mysterious murder of a radio journalist working for Radio Lahza in Mazar its once again an alert for the media and media workers in the country are.
Unknown gun men have shot dead the local radio Journalist named Khalid Agah Yaqubi on Saturday in his house.
His dead has provoked several questions into everyone minds specially the media institutions in secure city and on shining day who could be behind such mysterious death in order to achieve the political goals.
Nai supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has significantly condemned this action and demanded the Government to approach a better alternatives for the media family members to safe their life and pursue the case and find the perpetrators of the case.
The victim family members have told to Nai hub office that Mr Yaqubi didn’t have any enemies.
By losing Khalid the toll number of the media family rises into 6 persons on 2014.
After Taliban falls on 2001 media family have lost 43 members in different parts of the country none of their cases were pursued by the Government yet.