Nai has expressed their concerns about the situation following the Taliban’s demand for closed-door peace talks, and believes that closed-doors peace talks isn’t Afghan people’s desire, and isn’t acceptable to Afghan citizens. A few weeks ago, the participants at the Peace Consultative Jirga that held in Kabul collectively called on to be made aware of everything that occurs in the Intra-Afghan peace negotiations.

Nai believes; Taliban’s demand is against the Afghan people’s will and contrary to the current laws in the country. Nai calls on the international entities including United Nations, European Union, and United States to focus on journalists’ presence for the media coverage of the peace talks in Doha also pressurize the Qatar Government to make it easier for Afghan journalists to get visas. According to Nai, the legitimacy of any national action comes from the consent of the people, closed-door negotiations are not legitimate for Afghan people of, and aren’t acceptable.