In a series of explosions in Jalalabad city, a media associate was martyred and two others were wounded.

At around 12 am last night at least three explosions took place at Jalalabad Stadium, where the cricket match (Ramazani Cricket Cup) was held, eight people were martyred and fifty more were wounded.

Mr. Aziz, Managing Director of Safa Radio and Mubariz Atal reporter of this radio were wounded in this incident but Hedayatullah Zaheer who was also Safa Radio’s staff and collaborated with the radio on providing cricket programs, was martyred.

Nai Supporting the Open Media in Afghanistan, calls on the responsible authorities of National Unity Government not to refrain from any attempt at the treatment of the wounded journalists and not to forget to help the families of the affected journalists.

Earlier on 30th April, nine journalists, photographer and cameramen lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Kabul city and at least six other journalists were wounded in the same incident. April 2018 was the bloodiest month for Afghan journalists, during this month twelve journalists and media colleagues were martyred.

Nai Supporting the Open Media in Afghanistan, while worrying about the unprecedented increment in journalists’ casualties in Afghanistan, wants from the National Unity Government to protect the journalists’ lives and formulate a policy to protect their lives and secure media facilities.

On the other hand, the Afghan media owners and managers also have the responsibility to protect journalists’ lives and refrain from sending journalists, photographers and cameramen without safety issues to the place of terrorist attack.