On the eve of signing the US-Taliban agreement, Nai along with welcoming this action wants to call up the following points:

  1. No agreement between the parties to the conflict in the country should be against to the values of human rights and dignity.
  2. Preserving the eighteen years achievements should be considered in every agreement as a major, non-negotiable, and red line of the Afghan people.
  3. Free media and freedom of expression as the most important achievement in the last eighteen years should not be dealt at all; this value is not only the political red line but also as result of more than a hundred journalists’ sacrifices who had been killed in this sector.
  4. No one including representatives of the United States, NATO, the European Union and representatives of the Afghan Government has the right to deal with the eighteen years achievements, in specific the development of freedom of expression and free media.
  5. Killers and perpetrator/s of journalists’ assassination in the last eighteen years should not be forgiven based on any agreement in the country.

Nai asks all parties to the conflict to pay close attention to what has been stated above on behalf of the media community in the country, and to fulfill its mission at this crucial time.