The act of detaining perpetrators of the last year suicide attack over journalists in Shash Darak area of Kabul is good news and all perpetrators of violence against journalists should be detained.

The National Security Directorate determined some people who claimed to be ISIS members. They were brought to screen and they are the perpetrators of the last year’s suicide attack over journalists.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks the National Security Directorate for professional investigation process to identify and arrest those determined people relevant to the attack and involved in it. Nai also asks the judicial authorities in case it is proved that the attack was designed by the detained persons so they should be condemned to severe punishment based on the Afghanistan’s laws. And also the judicial authorities should provide victims’ families with an opportunity so that they express their views athwart the assassins of their children.

It is worth reminding, on 30th April 2018 nine journalists and camerapersons were martyred as result of the second explosion which took place in a VIP area of Kabul “Shash Darak”, when they went for news coverage of the 1st explosion there.

According to the National Security Directorate the detainees had been involved in 28 more suicide attacks which had taken place.