At around 8 pm, an embedded roadside bomb exploded nearby the Arman-e-Shahr Radio and Shahr-e-Bano weekly magazine in Pul-e-Khumri city of Baghlan province. According to Saeed Azim Hashimi, the Editor-in-Chief of Arman-e-Shahr Radio in Baghlan, the explosion carried lots of financial damages to the radio and magazine.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan calls on the Ministry of Interior Affairs, and the National Directorate of Security to ensure that media security as one of their top list priorities. He also called on the security entities in Baghlan province to pay close attention to the security of media outlets in the province, and make remarkable efforts to ensure it. It is worth mentioning that we ask the Security Command and the NDS Department in Baghlan to thoroughly investigate the incident which caused a lot of financial damages to the radio, and recognize perpetrator/s, and bring them to justice.

There are also concerns that the radio assets were looted at night right after the collapse of the walls and windows of the building; therefore, we ask the security entities in Baghlan to deploy their security personnel to protect the equipment of the radio.