Assadullah Kohzad, a famous correspondent of international media who was working as an activist of civil society in Baghlan province, was shot down by unknown gunmen near his home this morning. Late Kohzad, was working with France Radio and beside playing a prominent role as a civil society activist. He was a direct critics of terrorism and fundamentalism in his homeland and some often voicing out against the government why paving the way for escalating the activities of terrorists in Baghlan province. We call on the government to  identify the gangs and killers urgently and arrest them. Also, the government is principally responsible for preventing these kinds of systematic terrors and not let the enemies to attain their aims. Nai, supporting open media believe that these kind of organized attacks and carnage is very harmful for the government. If the government fails to put the criminals to justice, sure there will be a large gap and distrust  between people and the government.