After advocacy made by Nai and other journalists supporting entities  regarding violation committed by police and security officers against journalists in Bamian, the president office has issued a proclamation which is not convincing and acceptable due to the following reasons:

The proclamation ignoring intentionally the physical hurts and beating of journalists, instead using a soft sentence by saying: some journalists complained about ill behaviors of security forces.

Secondly, the proclamation has asked from Independent Directorate of Local Governance to investigate about the incident, however this organization is not an authorized, neither responsible as attorney general office based on law and legal issues. So, it sounds that this decision of the government is more a political rather than administrative, only for keeping the involved parties busy and illusion of people. Therefore, Nai ask from the government to assign a mission containing the representatives of journalist’s federation, representatives of complaints and representatives of provincial governor office. Meanwhile, we hope that the violators should be taken to the court in order to bring justice and convince the claimers.