Last night, Esamatullah Qaeel, who works in a private radio named “Zema” was wounded due to a malicious attack in Zabul province.

The local journalist has been injured by hitting sharp knife in a village where he lives in, just two kilo meters away from Qalat city.  According to him, the attackers basically destined to kidnap him but they were failed because of interference of police in the area. The provincial police informed that right now the criminal is under arrest and investigation has been just started. The head of journalists union of the province, Ahmad Wali Sarhadi, concern about involvement of some hidden elements, who should be identified as soon as possible, in order to prevent further violations against journalists.   Nai, supporting open media, condemning the plot of violations and meanwhile ask from the government to investigate about these incidents in order to find out who are behind the violations and why, and the results of their findings should be shared with Afghan people and media. The silence of local authorities regarding these incidents naturally instigates the doubts of every one against them.