Dunya-e-Naw Radio and Television in Farah province was attacked by a hand bomb on Monday. Mr. Ibrahim Muhammadi, Dunya-e-Naw Radio and Television Editor in Chief said to Nai Media Watch, “on Monday, 1st April 2019, it was around 03:00 PM that unidentified persons attacked the media by throwing a hand bomb; fortunately, it didn’t harm anyone”.

At the present, Taliban has handled the responsibility of the incident. Mr. Muhammadi said that, “We have used to be threatened before also and the incident has caused us lots of concerns and caused our employees to stop their performances”.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan considers this incident an attack on the freedom of expression and asks the security forces in Farah province to take serious and urgent measures regarding the safety and security of media offices and staff in the province.

Moreover, Mr. Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director says, “Unfortunately, we witness the increment in the targeted attacks on media offices, and attack on media is attack on freedom of expression. Therefore, we seriously ask the government to take serious actions in accordance to law for the safety and security of media offices”.

Based on the reports and statistics recorded at Nai Media Watch, we witnessed nine targeted attacks on media offices in Afghanistan last year but unfortunately, none of the perpetrators of such attacks has been introduced to judicial law.