Danish Karokhel, Pajwok Afghan News Director was asked by the House of Representatives to clarify the findings of their investigative report on smuggling ventilator devices from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

Nai believes that this deed of the representative’s house is against the current media law in the country that is ratified by the house itself.

At the meantime, the First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh by a tweet denied reports on smuggling of ventilator devices from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

Mr. Saleh stated that none of the ventilator devices that belong to the Ministry of Public Health has disappeared in Kabul or provinces.

We believe, whenever there is such a reaction from the government on an investigative report, it reveals that the government does not have a strong will to fight corruption and wants to prevent the publication of such reports through media somehow.

Such deeds of government will cause worrisome to those who want to expose corruption in the future, and they hesitate that they may face what PAN did by the house, the First Vice President, or the government itself.

It can cause censorship and choke the freedom of expression. We ask the government entities to pursue their complaints through the Media Violation and Investigation Commission. Also the house and Mr. Saleh should assure the media community through a statement they won’t interfere in this regard in the future.