Armed men has stabbed a local correspondent in Mazar-e- Sharif city of Balkh Province with a knife on Wednesday he has been injured on his hands and belly according to Governmental newspaper Bidar.

He was taken to the Hospital on that day initial reports confirmed his critical condition but in the long-run after receiving medical treatments he found his health back, and began to speak well.

His family members claimed that Qasim Muzafari had no relationships with anyone causes him his injuries the main reasons for his injuries are unclear.

Police officials in Balk have confirmed the attack but yet to find the main reason for his injuries but claimed the investigation process has begun.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has significantly condemned which harsh words attacking media families, and have expressed deep concerns on rising of violence against correspondents in the country.

Gen,Executive of Nai Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar demanded the Balk local officials to find the perpetrators of the attack,and execute them accordingly to the existed laws.

He also said,” Balkh Police officials are also responsible to find the perpetrators of the attacks on correspondent and make it clear the main reason for the attack.”

Mazar city is the place where security condition is pretty good comparing to other main cities in Afghanistan,but correspondents working for media do not have security as they should to continue to their duties, one year ago two correspondents were killed in mysteriously in one week, fortunately the killer of Palwasha Tokhi has been arrested,but security officials yet to be capable to arrest the killers of Khalid Agah the correspondent of a local radio station called Lahza.