Massoud Hussaini, a well-known photojournalist of the country who won the Pulitzer Prize, was attacked last night (28 March 2018) at around 7:00 P.M in Kabul city, but fortunately he was not hurt.Mr. Hussaini, said moments after the incident. “I was driving with my car in the center of Kabul, where the gunmen blockaded front of my car, but I was able to escape from them without of being injured,”.

The Nai office, supporting open media in Afghanistan is concerned about the attack on the photojournalist and calls on the Kabul Police to take serious action to identify the attackers and thoroughly investigate the issue and share the outcome with the media community.

The Afghan government, and in particularly the police have been responsible for ensuring the security of all citizens of the country, and as reporters are more vulnerable, this responsibility is multiplied on the security forces.