At midnight 11 Oct 2016 some armed people intruded in a local radio named Naseem located in Daikundi and started beating its head and then escaped away.

After a while, they came back to and throw a bomb in the building. As a result, the explosion inflicted some damages to the building and all its technical instruments as well. Reza Wahedi, head of Naseem Radio said that he is seriously injured due to beating by attackers and they were gibingly saying that he has too much exceeded of his limits. Abdul Mujeeb Khelvatgar, managing director of Nai stated in this regard that the radio is located in one of the most secured place which means that no one from opposition side can reach in the place but government assignees most probably surmised to be behind the attack. Nai , interpret this attack totally against freedom of speech and call on the authorities to specify the criminals and bring them to justice. Taking no action against this incident will strengthen the assumptions there are the local authorities behind the attack.

Naseem Radio is an active media in the area which has had some important reports and recognized as a reliable source.