Based on the reports of the resources which are reliable but due to security challenges we avoid to reveal their names, Nai has come to know that Ghaznawian Radio and TV’s offices and Rana radio’s office in Ghazni province have been set on fire by Taliban terroristic group and all the assets of these media have been damaged. At the meantime on Thursday’s night 9th August 2018 antennas installations of some media in Ghazni have been ignited, too.

Taliban should prevent damnifying and igniting public entities on the basis of international war laws and international human rights law since it is counted war crime.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks UNAMA in Afghanistan that during the contact which they have with Taliban’s office in Qatar, should ask Taliban’s negotiators to care about the safety and security of public entities specially media during any kind of contention so that civilians may not be harmed.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks Afghan Government to pay close attention toward safety and security of journalists and media workers in Ghazni province.