2 terrorists have stormed in Shamshad TV station early Tuesday noon, according to Police official’s statements one guard at the post was martyred and one other was injured in the terrorist attack.

The clearance operation took about 2 hours where the 2 terrorists were killed and the TV staffs were rescued.

The Shamshad TV broadcasting program was cut off for about 3 hours after the following TV station came under the terrorist attack, and then it began to its normal activities.

Director General of Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar while visiting the TV station said, “ Targeting the civilian institutions equals to war crime since media are not counted as military objects, the following terrorist attack is crime against humanity where it should be considered as crime by the International community.”

The following coward terrorist attack indicated that the Afghan people enemies do not believe to nothing , and also the current terrorist attack revealed that how media security condition is delectated.

This is a very first time that a terrorist group has attacked to a private TV station and created fears.

Earlier other terrorist group had attacked the Sub National TV in Nangarhar province, where some of the staffs were martyred.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan significantly condemns the following terrorist attack on the private TV station called Shamshad demanding the government to identify the perpetrator and case plotters and sentence them.

Nai also demands the government to share such kind of information with the media managers considering the ongoing security policy and regulation allow.

Since we count the terrorist attack as crime against the humanity, ask the international community and International organizations working on human rights to record the terrorist attack as crime against humanity and stand with Afghanistan while doing advocacy.