Recently a teacher in Takhar University named Abdul Maroof Tafakory, has posted in his social page his personal view against freedom of speech, media and journalists that these kinds of expressions from the address of academic center stimulated anger and concern of people.

He has clearly invited people for Jihad, holy war against media and journalists of Afghanistan. It is mentionable that he was arrested already by security office but released again. On the other hand, at the beginning of the week, Anwar ul Haq Ahadi claimed that some of media in Afghanistan are funded by security office of the country. The oral sarcasm and attacks against Afghan media has started while the president Ashraf Ghani disdainfully spoke about media some days ago with using insulting words. Nai supporting open media believe that if high authorities of the government make a small insultation about media, the rest of government staff in low levels will behave more terribly in following footsteps of their higher authorities. Nai, supporting open media ask from all sides, particularly Ashraf Ghani, Anwar ulhaq Ahadi and the last one university teacher to respect basic rights of civilians and freedom of speech. The freedom of speech is the basic rights of all Afghan citizens which is clearly recognized in national constitution of Afghanistan and accordingly the violators should be prosecuted.